In this episode of the Brawn Body Health and Fitness Podcast – Dan is joined by Father-Daughter duo Tony and Micaela Abbatine to discuss the evaluation of baseball players through the eyes of a baseball scout and professional baseball consultant.

Tony Abbatine, J.D. is a performance consultant and college professor who specializes in vision and its effect on mindset and emotions. His work in the area of Visual Psychology have been featured in Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek and ESPN. He has been a consultant to several Major League Baseball teams, numerous college programs and recently the performance coach for the USA Women’s Olympic Softball team. Tony is a regular on the speaking circuit in the US and internationally, with recent presentations made in Dubai, Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Japan. Tony is the Founder and Director of Performance at Frozen Ropes, a US based company that offers instruction and coaching to amateur athletes and coaches. He is currently a national columnist for Baseball America where he writes on the latest player development topics in the baseball and softball industry. Tony’s articles and lectures on sports parenting and student-athlete survival is heard across college and high school classes across the country. Micaela currently works for the Pittsburgh Pirates in baseball operations with a focus in amateur scouting. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer. Micaela played Division I softball at UNC, Maryland, and Providence College. In 2019 at Maryland, she was named to the first team All-Big Ten Defense in Centerfield. Micaela has international softball experience, playing for the Italian National team in the European Championships in the Summer of 2019. Prior to playing in the Big Ten and internationally, Micaela starred at Warwick Valley High School, where she played five years of varsity softball, as a center fielder and took home numerous accolades. Micaela played her whole career with Frozen Ropes as a young athlete. For more on Micaela, you can find her at and @micabbs_fit on social media.