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Frozen Ropes Force Travel Teams

Join the top girls in the game!

Frozen Ropes Force is a highly-competitive travel program that competes in the top showcases in the country. We make skill development and advanced instruction a priority. No other softball program has the level of training and college network; there’s practice and there’s training, come experience the difference. See why college softball programs use our training system!

We attract the best players from the Tri-State Area to train and play all year long! We play at the best facility in the northeast and colleges love coming to our campus!


Victoria Bonitz

Isabel Cruz

Sierra Degiorgio

Rachael Fraser

Monique Kamrowski

Amber Lewis

Sierra Mickelson

Rosalia Ruggiero

Molly Tamweber

Maya Uszenski


Alexandra Barker

Ella Casserly

Brigid Danaher

Alyssa Fudge

Lauren Goggin

Ariana Granitto

Emily Green

Jalena Mendez

Marissa Napolitano

Gabby Narcise

Annabella Puliafico

Ashley Tyles

Natalie Welsh

Maggie Wolownik


Madison Botsford

Alexandra Cossack

Jordan Costa

Grace Coury

Carmen Diaz

Samantha Gentile

Ashley Hart

Hallie Heady

Samantha Houghtaling

Christina Messina


Ashley Barresi

Maddie Boehning

Samantha Einiger

Tara Hagan

Lindsey Hoag

Julia Kinally

Julianna Koch

Corinne Miedreich

Kathryn Mulhare

Sofia Ortiz

Look Frozen Ropes' Alumni Are Playing!


Gabriella Colon

Martarina Crumb

Michelle Eckert

Kasey Harmon

Amber Lopez

Julia McMahon

Victoria Pauwels

Franki Potocki

Kelly Rattigan

Paige Yee


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