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Are you considering opening a facility?   Is your existing facility revenue flat?

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You Keep Your Name, We Help You Make More Money!

If you’re not growing your business, it’s dying slowly. It’s a simple business concept. Whether you are a one sport facility or multi-sport venue, our blueprint for increased revenue and expense management comes from over 25 years of profiling the best and worst of facility habits. Get the back office support and facility management strategies that you can’t afford on your own!

License Features:

  • Website listing of your location at and sub-site option or hyperlink to your website.
  • Access to our 5 full time License Support team; phone, email, text, or live.
  • Access to the FROZONE and Staff Video Library for owners and authorized employees; divided by Operations, Marketing, and Instructional topics.
  • Invite to the Frozen Ropes Annual Best Practices Conference.
  • Live training dates for staff scheduled throughout the country.
  • College Baseball and Softball referrals.
  • National hiring support for instructors.
  • On-site visit by License support team; you identify the specific agenda (travel expenses and daily fee negotiated).
  • National pricing from select vendors.
  • Access to social media shares and newsprint articles.
  • Annual budget and forecasting reports.
  • STAR Tablet program
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