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    – Frozen Ropes Natick Indoor
    – Natick Hunewell Field
    – Natick Oak Street Field
    – Hopkinton EMC Park
    – Medway High School

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PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations made outside of 1 week of camp start will result in account credit. Cancellations or changes made within 1 week of camp start will be charged a $20 fee. Refunds are not available for same day cancellations or missed programs.

Please refer to our Facility Policies for more details.

Experience the ultimate in summer fun with Frozen Ropes Multi-Sport programs.  Children will be playing a variety of games where teams compete to be Champion!  This multi-sport option will break-up the day by providing new games and new opportunities to have fun, make friends and stay active!

Our 20′ high GIANT WATER SLIDE  will help keep players cool all summer long!
What our Natick Customers are saying
Francy W from Needham

“Frozen Ropes has given my children a love for the game of baseball. Their professional, top-notch staff have taught them the fundamentals of baseball in an exciting, fun and organized way. Both in large groups and individual sessions, they cater to each age and child’s needs. I would recommend Frozen Ropes to any parent interested in getting their child interested in the game.”

Jesse B from Wellesley

“The remote lessons have been a great way to continue training, stay motivated and receive support from the Frozen Ropes coaches that he loves working with. A great way to (partially) return to normalcy.”

Jerry S from Needham

“The leaders of the baseball and softball programs are exceptional: experienced, knowledgeable and probably most importantly, fully invested in the development of the players both athletically and as young men and women.”

Dawn P from Auburndale

During the last few months, with the world upside down, trying to keep some sense of normalcy has been for the kids has been at the top of my list. Frozen Ropes’ remote pitching lessons have been a blessing. They give my daughter a chance to work on her skills, communicate with her instructors and focus on an activity that she loves. The interaction has been great for, not only, building and maintaining her softball skills, but also for connecting and staying active. The remote instruction is seamless. Instructors are able to watch her pitching motion and talk her through their feedback, just like we were at the facility. Instructors also follow up with detailed notes and homework after the session. We’re so very thankful for this opportunity that Frozen Ropes is providing during this difficult time.

Dave W from Nevada

My daughter Shannon attended your softball camp. We came in from Nevada. Shannon started Fall Ball and had her 1st practice last night. Her improvement was so noticeable. Not only skill but her confidence is soaring. We will return again this summer even with the long drive.

Nikki M from Wayland

Rylan loves playing and learning with all of you. Thanks for being such a positive influence on my son.

Keisuke F from North Carolina

I used to come to Frozen Ropes when I was really young. I moved to North Carolina a couple years ago and everything is great. I wanted to thank frozen ropes as I am now a junior fully into the recruiting process with several colleges. You all taught me so much even at such a young age and I just wanted to thank you.

Kate P from Sherborn

I just wanted to share with you how great the fall Sherborn class was. My son, Jack is 5 1/2 and he had a wonderful time in the outdoor class. Both of the coaches were fantastic with the kids. I was really impressed with their ability to hold the kids’ attention, stay extremely positive, while teaching skills. You have a great program and the coaches are really superb with the kids. We will certainly be taking more classes!

Pam B from Framingham

FROZEN ROPES summer camps are the best!! My child went to a baseball camp of theirs and LOVED it!!! She wants to come back NEXT summer! FROZEN ROPES increases their skill level in that type of sport, they make new friends, meet old friends, they will have fun while working hard, learn new things. If they have not tried out for a team and are going into the school year this camp PREPARES them. FROZEN ROPES has many camps. For the parents of children that are into sports this is a MUST. When my child went to this camp she said, “Mom FROZEN ROPES is the best summer camp EVER!” These camps are wonderful. If you signed your child up, when you see them play you will recognize what they have learned. THEY MUST TRY THESE CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya C from Hopkinton

Just wanted to send you a quick note and say “GREAT JOB!!!!” You are all so professional and great with the kids!! Paul had a great time in Scope and Rope and Catchers classes. He is looking forward to Fall Ball in Hopkinton and we are trying to fit in a summer program. Anyway, Great Job, and love you guys…Keep up the great work 🙂

Robert F from Newton

“Staff has nice energy and are well organized. Coaches model the skills throughout the Born To Play stations which is very helpful at a young age”

Kevin G from Natick

“We like how patient all the instructors are and how they remember all the players. I think at this age the instruction that they receive is a great way for them to build their skills to get to the next level.”

Linda C from Holliston

For the first time ever Holliston won the Ashland Sparkler Tournament! Nicholas pitched as much as he was allowed and played a lot of shortstop. Many shared that it was obvious that Nicholas has received good training. We made sure to share that he took classes at Frozen Ropes!!

In addition to our traditional Baseball and Softball programs, we also offer Gametime / Tournament WeekMulti-Sports, select Outdoor Multi-sport and Baseball /Softball programs as well as Indoor Beat the Heat Indoor programs.

  • Summer programs meet all state and local requirements per Mass Board of Health document 105 CMR 430
  • Parents have the right to review background check, healthcare, discipline policies and grievance procedures upon request.

* Members receive 15% off

Please refer to our Facility Polices for details on refunds, cancellations and makeups.