The 5 Visual Zones of Hitting. Reset and Rake!

Instead of tinkering with your swing mechanics or beating yourself up in the box, check in with the 4 phases of hitting that with a slight adjustment, could salvage your at bat or your next one. 
Pre delivery. Gaze out into the field and take in the world or a fan in the bleachers. Sunsets, mountains and puppies time.
Delivery. A great time to sweep and scan the pitchers motion checking for pre pitch cues.  Let your eyes be free and easy as you paint the pitcher. 
Ball release.  No prize to over focus on the hand or hip!  Start settling the track in front of ball release so you are front side tracking right from the beginning. 
Go zone.  Set 12-15ft in front of home plate,
(depending on the speed and pitch distance) the Go zone marks where ball flight typically ends before hitters go from the ” library” (quiet and read phase of the swing). Good hitters are frequently seen gazing out to the Go Zone prior to the pitch as reminder when decision time should occur. 
17. Home plate is 17 inches. Look down at your ideal hitting angles and draw a line in your minds eye back to the pitchers release point. The eyes and brain want to copy and duplicate images and scan paths used before. 
Practice and refine these 4 zones during BP and hitting drills. Game savers are bred in the tunnels and in your minds eye way before gameday. 
        Dig the well before you get thirsty!

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