Play FAST to Make the Game Slow.

 The elite performances share four common traits that observers marvel over and the athletes themselves are jealous of and look to emulate. The best players  are FAST in more ways than just their running or pitch speed:
Free.  Free is the ultimate state of play when thoughts are present and mindset is curious and in love with the moment.
Free from fear and free from outside forces that fuel worry, doubt and fear are obvious by the look and aura freedom players possess. Free is truly playing not working. 
Free players let their eyes lead their actions  and control their body parts. 
Animation.  Like the young boy or girl exploring in the playground or celebrating their first homerun in little league, the best display glimpses of children and superheroes at the same time.  Animation brings performances alive by the emotion and pure joy exuding from their actions. 
Smooth.  Nothing is rushed and the big muscles of performance are put on auto pilot to let the small muscles ( hands, fingers, eyes) finish the task.  Smooth is relaxed muscles and slowing down at times to be smoother. Smooth is a wardrobe style and a choice for the elite performers.
T. For the symbol and the letter T for inside out thinking. Outside events and circumstances don’t effect elite players thoughts or feelings.  The elite performance  is really just a public viewing of the preparation, routines and best flix/ imagery work done when no one is around and teammates are lost in Instagram, Netflix and snap chat reruns.  Inside outters don’t need others to regulate and reset their emotions.
Play Fast.  It will be obvious to others and you will swear the speed of the game was in slow motion. 

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