Classes and Courses

Featured seasonally, or regularly featured on our schedule. For example, our Pitching courses will typically be 4-6 weeks in length depending on the time of year, focus, and skill level. In comparison, our Athlete Yoga class will be featured weekly year-round and open to the public (including parents) for an attendance price ($20.00) and do not have to be signed up ahead of time (space willing).


  • Beginner Pitching Course ($80.00):
    May 5th-May 26th (Sundays only)
    1:00 pm-2:00 pm
    Email: to sign-up!
  • Intermediate Pitch Specific Bootcamp ($100.00):
    May 5th-May 26th (Sundays only)
    2:30 pm-3:30 pm
    Email: to sign-up!

Private, and Semi-Private Lessons

Set-up your session online, by email, or through the facility and require a commitment of attendance. Failure to attend a lesson means the athlete will be charged the full price of the missed lesson. Email to sign up.

  • Private Lessons (ages 5+)-6o mins
  • Semi-Private Lessons (2-5 people)-60 mins
    $45.00 per athlete
  • Rapsodo Sessions
    $30.00-Initial Session, Setup and Training
    $10.00-for each session afterward + cage rental fee (see above)
  • Rapsodo Recruiting Session