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Junior Sluggers

It's never too early for fitness and fun!

Junior Sluggers is our most popular class to teach the next generation of baseball and softball players the rules and core skills of the game.

The 3-4 year olds will learn the proper techniques for throwing, hitting and fielding in a non-competitive session with additional emphasis on group rules and teammate interaction! All players will learn the dynamics of the baseball diamond and the primary rules of playing organized Born to Playbaseball and softball in the years to come.

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Flexibility and stretching
  • Agility and body control
  • Throwing, catching, hitting and fielding skills

Professional instruction is provided by Internationally Certified Frozen Ropes Instructors with exceptional communication skills, enthusiasm and a love for the game. All Frozen Ropes Instructors have experience working with players of all ages and various skill levels.

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