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Brain Day

The problem may not be your swing or fielding or pitching skills.

How good is  your Inside Game?

Brain Day is an interactive player workshop dealing with competitive anxiety your players can't afford to miss.

Attitude is a decision

  • Turning pressure into pleasure.
  • The power of a Routine and how to build one.
  • Putting the Fun factor back in the game.
  • Relaxation techniques that work.
  • How to use daydreaming to your advantage.
  • Let it go; the power of The Flush.
  • Turning practice into training.
  • Learning to be your best coach and biggest fan.
  • Improving your mental game by improving your visual game.
  • Frozen Ropes National Director of Instruction, Tony Abbatine will moderate the sessions. 

    These are the same topics that have been presented by Frozen Ropes to major league teams and college programs everywhere.

    Brain Day is a three hour workshop for baseball and softball players ages 12-18.

    National FastPitch Director, Kaci Clark

    Make this season your best season ever!

    Contact your nearest Frozen Ropes location for a Brain Day near you, or call toll free at 877-846-5699 to host a Brain Day workshop for your team or league.