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Frozen Ropes' curriculum and teaching philosophy is based on over 20 years of experience in player development including the most current research in biomechanics, sports psychology, visual skills, and strength and conditioning.

From our Born to Play classes starting at 3 years old to the Coaches Video Libary, Frozen Ropes offers a program to fit every skill level.

Born To Play

Junior Sluggers

Junior Sluggers is a supervised exercise class designed to introduce 3-4 year olds to athletic movement and beginner baseball and softball skills.
Amateur Coaches Alliance

Coaches Video Library

The most comprehensive resource for youth level baseball and softball coaches in the industry. From hitting tips to practice organization, these video sessions will take your coaching to another level!

Brain Day

Brain Day

Brain Day is an interactive player workshop dealing with competitive anxiety your players can't afford to miss.

Devo Teams

Travel Teams

Our travel teams are the alternative to conventional travel ball to sweep the country. Travel and improve your skills at the same time.

Cape Cod Baseball and Softball Summer Camps

Baseball and Softball
College Showcases

College coaches from around the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as well as scouts from Major League Baseball teams are in attendance to observe high school level players participate in a variety of skill-based workouts and  live games.

Frozen Ropes Camps

Baseball and Softball Camps

The ultimate outdoor teaching events that make Frozen Ropes the #1 choice for day and overnight campers across the country. Our Camps feature interactive skill sessions with supervised game playing.

Visual Mechanics

Next Level Pitching

Take your pitching to the big field and beyond! From curveballs to holding runners, this class is a must for 13 year olds and older.



From Scope and Rope to our Girls Night Out, our classes are geared to teach players of all ages baseball and softball skills while improving social interaction and peer learning skills.

College Bound

College Bound

Since 1988, Frozen Ropes has helped HS level players understand the college selection process and maximize opportunities to play at the next level for baseball and softball.

Devo Plans

Developmental Lesson Plans

Train one-on-one with the best instructors in the game presenting the best curriculum and teaching techniques in the industry. Our individual lessons are customized for the player.

Diamond Strength


Make the difference in your game. Rockfit combines hitting and throwing skills with a stronger and faster body.

Host an Event

Host a Camp or Seminar

As a league fundraiser or to expand your coaches or players skill level, bring the most recognized name in baseball and softball instruction to your town!

Showtime Training

Showtime Training

The First team to relax wins! Our Showtime training confronts the real issues in game performance. From goal-setting to self-talk, our Showtime training has application at every age level.

Visual Mechanics

Visual Mechanics

Twenty years of research, clinical studies and fieldwork have guided us in establishing instructional guidelines for our Visual Mechanics training program. See why Major league teams have used our Visual mechanics training.