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Rental (per tunnel)

Non-Member Rate Member Rate *
30 minutes $25 $22.50
60 minutes $50 $45

Why Rely On The Weather For Cage Time?
Why Chase Balls All Over The Field (and lose them)?

3 months of unlimited half-hour rentals $389
2 months of unlimited half-hour rentals $275
1 month of unlimited half-hour rentals $150

*Maximum of 4 players per cage
*$5.00 each additional player
*Must reserve in advance
*Subject to availability
CALL 516-364-ROPE(7673)

State of the art indoor hitting for Baseball and Softball players, teams and small groups.

*STARTING SEPT 1, 2014 - Rates are for groups of 4 or less.  Larger groups will be charged $5/player for each additional player *

Use any of our pitching machines or an open tunnel for the same price!

* Learn how to save money with a World Membership plan!

Call us at 516-364-7673 for Full Field Rental rates.

 Rental Options:

(Option 1)

Jugs Baseball or Softball
Pitching Machine: (Single Wheel)


  • Requires 2nd person to feed balls
  • Dimpled baseballs or softballs

Speed is adjustable 




(Option 2)

Baseballs or Softballs:


  • Requires 2nd person to throw balls
  • Baseballs or softballs

"L-Screen" provided for safety



(Option 3)
Pitching Mound:


  • Requires 2nd person to catch
  • Baseball or softball powerline