Frozen Ropes Private Training

Up close and personal with the best instructors in the industry.

Individual lessons  and our SPL’s ( semi-private lessons)  afford our staff the ability to fine tune movements, address  in-game performance issues  and also provide more reps during training.  You select the specific skill you want to learn, we deliver it in an personal setting!

Frozen Ropes Private Lessons
Individual Instruction


30 or 60 Minute Sessions

You choose what skills to work on in a one-on-one session with our Senior Instructors. Improve your hitting, pitching, throwing, or movement. Cannot be reserved online, call to schedule.

Create a Group Lesson


1 Hour Session

Create a group lesson to work on your choice of skills, scheduled to your preference of date and time. Minimum of 3 players and maximum of 6 players. Cannot be reserved online, call to schedule.

Semi-Private Lessons


1 Hour Session

Join 2-3 other players for a small group lesson with a senior instructor. Individualized attention available in both baseball and softball pitching and hitting. Series run for 4-5 weeks. Advanced sign-up required.