Can you see the light? Visual Leadership

I wish I had a quarter for every leadership book I read and a dime for every leadership book out in the business world. Everyone has a slightly different take in defining how to lead and the strategy to achieve great leadership status.

Undoubtedly, leaders have incredible vision. No, not eyeglass vision. They truly “see” things before others and can envision the steps needed to accomplish the project or goal. In a sense, they live their life backwards; they create in their mind’s eye what they want to do or build and then set out to make the vision a reality.

In today’s visual world, the next generation of leaders will have to be more seen than heard.
Are you ready to lead? Lets review the traits of some of the best visual leaders:

  • Visual leaders have great imagination skills. They spend time fantasizing and planning a course of action that others don’t yet see.
  • Visual leaders let the eyes tell their story and convey their passion. When they speak, their vision is obvious by the look and depth of their eyes and facial expression.
  • Visual leaders lead by example. Their actions and and commitment are “seen” by others. Truly, their visual actions speak louder than their words.
  • Visual leaders listen with their eyes and heart. When engaged with others,their listening and compassion level is evident through their eyes.
  • Visual leaders look the part. Their body language, fitness and energy level can be seen and felt by all.
  • Visual leaders blueprint and script out the endgame for their team to see so that the vision and road-map to success is clear.
  • Visual leaders choose their words wisely. They talk less and watch more before jumping into correct.
  • Visual leaders love to read and write and it shows in their communication skills and depth of knowledge when being heard and seen by others.
  • Visual leaders express themselves more often face to face rather than behind emails and texts.
  • Visual leaders demonstrate tremendous discipline. Their blinders are on when its time to crank out the work and they don’t let outside visual noise detract from their work flow.
  • Visual leaders gets tangible, visual results for his or her team. They win, turn profits and surpass expectations for all to SEE.

Start your journey today to be a visual leader. Remember, leadership starts with the image in the mirror.

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