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The Frozen Ropes Teaching Model

You don't become the most recognized name in baseball and softball instruction by following the pack.

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Our international staff certification ensures that our players are being introduced to the latest and most effective teaching strategies and objective information in the industry.

Repeating industry clichés has no place at Frozen Ropes. Our staff is challenged to go beyond their playing experiences and how “they did it”.

Our staff also realizes that becoming the master teacher is a continuous journey.

Starting with our Player Eval and Goal Set, our curriculum challenges the players as they advance in age and skill level.

From our industry leading Visual Mechanics and Diamond Strength and RockFit Training, to our Brain Day workshops, we believe that teaching goes beyond the physical part of the game.

  • We believe that practicing with other players improves social skills and encourages friendly competition.
  • We believe players learn from watching each other and replicating the movement patterns of other players nearby.
  • We believe that interacting with our entire staff exposes players to multiple levels of scrutiny and a variety of drills.
  • We believe that age appropriate conditioning and mental skills training are as important as the physical components of training.
  • We believe in the power of confidence and self-esteem for all our players.

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