ACE: Athletic Competition Evaluation

ACE: The one test you can't afford not to take!

Identify your "inside "strengths and weaknesses as an athlete to make you the complete player!

ACE tests are divided by two age groups 9-12 and 13-18 and will take approx. 40 minutes to complete the questions.

ACE will evaluate you on the following traits:

Coachability • Work Ethic • Competitiveness • Accountability • Team Player • Self-control • Perseverance • Game Preparedness • Mental Strength • Focus • Need for stability • Peer and parental  pressure • Competitive anxiety • self-motivation

» Once the detailed results and grading of the traits are forwarded to the player, the player can then:

» Elect to participate in a two hour Brain Day workshop offered at their nearest Frozen Ropes location
» Schedule individual training sessions with our Frozen Ropes certified Showtime Instructors.
»   Visit our National Training Center in Chester, NY and participate in a monthly Brain Day workshop.
»  Share the ACE results with a coach, parent or local instructor

* Please note: You will receive a separate email with log-in information and a link to the on-line test within 48 hours of purchase.

Price: $20.00