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Visual Mechanics

The Final Frontier In Hitting

Twenty years of research, clinical studies and fieldwork have guided us in establishingManny Ramirez: Building The Complete Hitter
the following instructional guidelines for our Visual Mechanics training. Learn how to improve pitch recognition and visual processing time at any age:

  • Seeing the location and trajectory of the baseball is the most important component of hitting.
  • Visual routes and gaze patterns prior to ball release are unique to all hitters.
  • Most mechanical problems in the swing are caused by visual misinformation.
  • Hitting drills with no visual challenge is ineffective training.
  • Strike zone knowledge and pitch recognition are crucial for advanced hitting skills.

Scope and Rope: A Visual Profile of Major League Hitters.
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Effect of Recognition/Release and Movement of the Eyes in Baseball.
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Seven - Time All Star Manny Ramirez filming "Building the Complete Hitter"
An instructional DVD featuring the Frozen Ropes Visual Mechanics Program.

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Softball Visual Mechanics Training