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Devo Teams

Combine individual skill improvement with game experience conducted by certified coaches.

Our Devo teams are the hottest alternative to conventional travel ball to sweep the country.

Travel and improve your skills at the same time.

The Frozen Ropes Devo teams are the #1 choice for select players everywhere...

How is this program different from traditional travel teams?
  • Greater commitment to improving the individual skills of all players.
  • Healthier balance of time and costs with respect to games scheduled and skill -based training.
  • Certified coaches with instructional resources and a baseline of knowledge related to game strategies and game management.
  • Individual skill instruction administered by the Frozen Ropes Senior Instructors (throwing, hitting, fielding, pitching) and through the use of video analysis.
  • Earlier introduction to the importance of academics and ‘reality" in the college selection process

It's all about developing your core skills while playing in competitive games.

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