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Showcases and College Camps

Dear High School Player,

Stop wasting dollars and valuable time chasing after college coaches by attending showcases and tournaments that don't fit your athletic and academic profile.

Since 1988, Frozen Ropes has been the industry leader in assisting high school baseball and softball players in the college selection process. Our track record and credibility with college programs at every NCAA level gives our players the edge in the recruiting process. Our College Bound program, Showcases and Show Camps have been used by over two thousand players across the U.S. and have generated over 10 million dollars in scholarships to date.

Frozen Ropes is the only company that offers all year college guidance and top level instruction. We don't show up to a field for a two-day event then leave town like the rest of the showcase and camp programs. We also offer complimentary consultations after all our events with our full-time College Bound Counselors and Instructors. Be pro-active in the college selection process. Don't hope to be found or discovered at a Showcase. Learn the proven strategies that we have been recommending to our players since 1988.

2017 Upcoming Showcases and College Camps:







 July 6, 2017

Big Apple College Softball Camp & Showcase

*Committed colleges include: Providence College, Franklin Pierce University, Boston College, Penn State University, Iona College, Pace University, Hofstra University, Southern Connecticut St. University, Mount St. Mary's University (MD), University of Rhode Island, Mitchell College, Fairfield University, Colgate University, Adelphi University, More to be added!

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The Rock Sports Park

Chester, NY

All Positions

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July 27, 2017

Baseball Summer Showcamp

Committed colleges include: Fairfield University, University of Rhode Island, University of Albany, Seton Hall University, LaSalle University, Iona College, LIU Brooklyn, Northeastern University, Lafayette College, Mercyhurst University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hofstra University

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The Rock Sports Park

Chester, NY


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Our College Camps are hands on clinics for High School players led by college coaches.

 All players will participate in a variety of hitting, fielding and throwing drills. Pitching sessions can also be conducted.

Topics can include:
  • Pitching delivery checklists
  • Where more velocity comes from
  • Getting hitters out
  • Grips and spins to compliment your fastball
  • How good is your "Brain" game?
  • Proper throwing and transfer skills
  • Building blocks for a powerful swing
  • Fielding footwork for all positions
  • Grips and spins to compliment your fastball
  • The importance of strength, speed and agility
  • Improving your 60 yard time
  • The Absolutes of Catching
  • Infield and Outfield play at the next level
Our College Camps are open to any age and all participants, limited only by numbers, age, grade level and/or gender.