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High School to College Bound

Dear High School Baseball and Softball Players,

If you really want to play baseball or softball in college, you need to take two minutes and read the information below!

Every year talented players get overlooked by coaches at every NCAA Level.  Why?  They can't find time to see you play, they don't know who you are and many many times they are overwhelmed with hundreds of prospects and you get lost in the shuffle!

We can help!  With 2 former Division 1 college coaches and a national network of college coaches at every level, Frozen Ropes and our National Directors can provide insight and guidance while helping you through the maze that sometimes plagues High School players in finding a college program that fits your academic and athletic skill level.

Running around the country playing in tournaments is not the best way to find a college.  Emailing coaches with no response other than a request to register for their camp is not the ideal strategy either.  

Read on and learn more about College Bound and if you are serious about playing baseball or softball, we are here to help!

Call, e-mail or visit us soon because college coaches across the country are starting earlier and earlier in filling their roster and offering scholarships!

National Training Center: 845-469-9507


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Why Frozen Ropes College Bound?

Over 24 years of experience in the college selection process and national credibility with colleges everywhere!

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