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Sample Video Clips

         Coaching Challenges

         Make new friends

         The Hitting Tee Live

         Arm Action

         Glove Sizes


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Frozen Ropes Coaches Video Library

The real challenges that coaches face
on the baseball and softball field.

The Frozen Ropes Coaches Video Library will change the way your league prepares your coaches to do battle this year.

Presented in easy to follow video clips, the Coaches Video Library allows coaches to improve their teaching skills and on-field coaching strategies for baseball and softball. The materials presented within the video library are a compilation of the most requested topics from youth level coaches across the world. Coaches can review the materials at home and then apply the new tools on the field. All coaches are then invited to attend a live coaching seminar at their nearest Frozen Ropes location. Coaches and leagues may opt to enroll in our Certification program whereby an online exam is taken in early Spring.

The Coaches Video Libary content is presented by Frozen Ropes Senior Instructors, college coaches, major league players, and major league coaches.

All topics below are presented in an easy to follow video playlist.

                (see sample videos)

  • Arm Action
  • Outfield plate
  • Base running
  • Coaching your child
  • Catching drill
  • Seeing is believing
  • Soft toss for hitters
  • Hitting T's
  • Fastpitch hitting issues
  • Fielding a slow roller
  • Building arm strength
  • Pure throwing skills
  • Bunting tips
  • Capturing a teaching moment
  • Catching stance
  • Dealing with the overbearing parent
  • The leg as a kick-start
  • The path of the swing
  • In-game hitting tips
  • Team rules
  • Infield practice
  • Learning with no eyes
  • Coaching 1st base
  • Coaching 3rd base
  • Keep the practice lines moving
  • Umpire rapport that works
  • Recruiting parents for practice
  • The problems start early in hitting
  • Infield play: Fastpitch
  • The Power L in hitting
  • Throwing problems start early
  • Be ready to hit
  • Pre-game wake-ups
  • Breaking in the glove
  • Pure catching skills
  • Ready in the infield
  • Fastpitch catch and throw
  • The fear factor in hitting
  • Hip rotation in pitching
  • Hit, throw, field
  • Coaching the superstar player and their parent
  • FastPitch ready, pump and read
  • Stride angle in hitting
  • Teaching catching skills to all players
  • Infield position: Fastpitch
  • How to improve your coaching eyes
  • Are your players in shape to swing or throw?
  • Throwing and pitching
  • Long toss for younger players
  • Priority pitching moves: glove side and flipping the laces
  • Identifying throwing problems
  • How many games are enough?
  • Failure and fun factors
  • Learning form failure
  • Post game meetings
  • Teaching throwing and pitching
  • Use the legs to throw hard
  • League rules and policies
  • In-game note taking tips
  • Make new friends
  • Using the legs properly in pitching
  • and many more ...

Individual registrations may be purchased through the Frozen Ropes Store.  To register your League please call 1-877-846-5699 or contact your nearest Frozen Ropes.

Video Library members receive a 10% discount on orders of Frozen Ropes instructional videos and training equipment, such as our Visual Mechanics Set, Frozen Ropes Weighted Balls and Frozen Ropes DVDs featuring Manny Ramirez and Mariano Rivera.