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Frozen Ropes Wyoming Valley Bulldogs Claim 11U Mountain Top Classic Crown

August 27, 2009
Article Title: Frozen Ropes
Source: Frozen Ropes
Publication Date: August 27, 2009

Frozen Ropes Wyoming Valley Bulldogs.
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The Bulldogs high powered offense was led by Ryan Hogan who blasted 7 home runs in just 4 games helping the team go 6-0 en route to the title.

The Bulldogs won the championship game on Sunday 8/23/09 over Triple Play by a score of 13-0 in 4 innings.

The Bulldogs hit 20 total home runs over the 6 game tournament.

In addition to Ryan Hogan's 7: Grant Powell had 6, Kyle Rogers 3, Nick Seach 2, Tyler McGarry & LJ Wesneski each had a dinger.

Bulldog pitching was also stellar giving up only 5 runs over the 6 games. The title represents the first baseball title for the Frozen Ropes Wyoming Valley facility that will celebrate its first anniversary in October.