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The Jonas Brothers Love Frozen Ropes!

July 14, 2009
Author: Frozen Ropes Staff
Source: Frozen Ropes
Publication Date: July 14, 2009
The Jonas Brothers at Frozen Ropes
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The Jonas Brothers - the pop boy band with millions of fans swung by Frozen Ropes of Chicago for a few hours of hitting and work out time.

According to Chicago owners Gus and Georgia Tountas, the brothers loved the facility, so did their parents, band members and security.

"...I cannot even describe to you how thankful they were. They couldn't stop thanking us. I believe also because we did not advertise this and respected their privacy for some down time to enjoy a game of softball... they were very kind and invited us VIP to their concert and the appreciation and "thank you's" continued. Every single one of them are so nice and so down to earth," says Georgia.

The brothers held a private concert before the main concert and speaking about how much they love to play softball, pointed to the Tountas' and told them they had the pleasure of working out at Frozen Ropes Training Facility and that everyone should visit because it's a beautiful place to workout.

Frozen Ropes of Chicago has over 30,000 sq. ft.of state of the art baseball and softball playing space. Games can be played on the 90 ft. base professional infield or hit in ProBatter hitting tunnels that provide players with realistic Visual Mechanics training.

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