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Frozen Ropes to offer an Instructional training Menu for travel teams everywhere.

January 26, 2009
Author: Frozen Ropes Staff
Source: Frozen Ropes
Publication Date: January 26, 2009

Travel Team Training Menu

In addition to the general hitting and pitching instruction Frozen Ropes offers, we now offer the following team-based training in our location or off-site.

  • Improving velocity in your pitching staff.
  • Control and commanding the strike zone.
  • Throwing routines and bullpen work during the season.
  • Pitchers pick-offs.
  • Curve ball and change up grips and teaching cues.
  • Improving pitch recognition with your hitters.
  • Strength and conditioning program for pre-season and in-season.
  • Red flags in your pitcher's delivery that can cause injury.
  • In-game adjustments your hitters can make.
  • Improving defensive communications.
  • Competitive anxiety and focus issues during game time.

All team training is administered by our Senior Instructors.

If you don't see a specific topic your team needs help with, ask our staff if we can help!

Ask our staff for pricing and time slots available.

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