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Collegiate Baseball: Gaining a Big Edge

October 27, 2008
Author: Lou Pavlovich Jr.
Article Title: Collegiate Baseball: Gaining a Big Edge
Source: Collegiate Baseball
Publication Date: October 27, 2008
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Chester, N.Y. - Keen vision can be one of the key ingredients of success in baseball. A hitter can have the most beautiful swing in the world, but if he can't track the pitch properly, the Hall of Fame stroke means nothing.

Tony Abbatine, one of the nation's top authorities on vision training for hitters, delved into this topic last issue in the first installment.

He explained vision training has always been the main thrust of his Frozen Ropes Training Centers prior to any mechanical work being done on swings. Abbatine discussed how tracking the baseballs can be enhanced through simple aids such as hula hoops and how researchers at his training centers were able to break down the most popular mechanical flaws which showed many stemmed from visual misinformation.

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