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Simpsonville wins Softball World Series!

September 5, 2008
Publication Date: September 5, 2008
Training Center: Corporate Office

Simpsonville Little League's softball all-star team won the Little League Softball World Series, rallying to beat Robbinsville, N.J., 9-5 with five runs in the top of the sixth inning.

Coaches Don Swearingen and Terry Errington credit Frozen Ropes of Simpsonville in helping the team:

"The results from the hitting instruction we received from Frozen Ropes was amazing. Our Simpsonville SC Little League team won 12 straight games in Regional and World Series play," says Swearington.

He continues, "Its no coincidence that 8 of our 11 young ladies have been taking hitting lessons with Frozen Ropes for months, some longer, leading up to tournament play. Our top 4 hitters on the team in those 12 games all received an "emergency" hitting lesson shortly before departing for each tournament. We are hooked! Thanks Frozen Ropes!"

Terry Errington thanked the Frozen Ropes Staff:

"I want to take a moment to thank you, Adam and the rest of your staff for the wonderful way you interacted with the Little League Softball World Series champions from Simpsonville SC. Cary, as you know, most of these girls are a part of your Frozen Ropes training. Their time in your facility increased during the Little League Tournament play which started in June and ended with a World Series victory in August. It was such a pleasure to watch the girls improve as the time during our tournament play progressed. Each player that was a part of your hitting program improved. Their ability to but the ball in play in any situation was a key part of this teams success. They got stronger and more confident with each at bat and their confidence and skill sets improved after each hitting lesson they took at your facility. Your generosity towards this team and the girls was more than any parent or coach could ask for. You opened your facility on Sundays for extra training opportunities, your coaches made time in their busy days for the many extra hitting lessons that were requested and you provided some of the nicest spirtware we have seen, I have been struggling to think of the words that would give all this generosity justice but I can't think of any except, THANK YOU, from a very grateful coach and parent. I also wanted to take a moment to thank Adam. I had many opportunities to attend my daughter Erin's hitting lessons and Adam was her instructor. He was the difference maker for her. She came into All-Star play as just an average hitter and struggled with her confidence level. We increased her visits to Adam to as much as 3 times per week and the improvement was incredible. She performed at the plate as well as anyone and her improved confidence level was a pleasure to see. She went to each at bat knowing in her heart she could hit any pitcher and put the ball in play with the best of them. As a parent/coach when you see a child improve like that, it makes your heart grow with pride. Thanks to you, Adam and the rest of your staff."

Terry Errington

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