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We want your comments, opinions and questions related to baseball and softball.

Interact with our national teachers from all over the world in the Pro Zone as we attack the real issues on ball fields everywhere. For the first year little league coach or the first year pro player, you'll get an indepth answer in the Pro Zone or we will discuss the topic live on our National Radio Show GAME ON, broadcast live every Friday at 1pm EST.


From advanced vision training to the college selection process to practice organization, the Pro Zone is the ultimate teaching tool box for today's coaches, players and parents.

Join our professional instructors daily in the never ending journey to improve the skill level and coaching skills in the world of baseball and softball.

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Which is a better swing: Linear or Rotational?

Friday, April 26, 2013 by Eric

Which is a better swing: Linear- when you move towards the ball and the momentum of you moving forward allows you to hit with more power. Or Rotational: when the ball is coming and you stay back and rotate your hips and use the rotation of you hips as power????

I'm pulling everything to the left side. Please help!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 by Erin

Hi, I am 16years old and play for an 18U travel softball team. I have very quick hands and mostly pull everything to the left side, often fouling. My coaches say my swing and mechanics are just fine but I need to learn to be patient and let the ball come to me. I try to wait longer but I am definitely struggling with this. Any suggestions you can offer? Thanks.

Hitting too many ground outs. Any advice?

Friday, July 02, 2010 by Reilly

I see myself has a fairly good hitter and find myself in the clean up spot on my school and rec team, but lately all i'm able to do is hit ground outs. Any advice?

Help snapping hips

Monday, June 21, 2010 by Pam

I am coaching 8 yr old boys and I'm finding many are hitting by rolling their back foot toward the inside ankle instead of using their forefoot to help snap their hips. When they do it right, they feel the difference right away but revert back to the bad habit pretty fast. Is there a way to get them used to doing it the right way?

Should I ice my arm after I pitch?

Monday, June 21, 2010 by Carter Franklin

I am 12 years old and pitch on my little league team. I am getting conflicting information on whether or not I need to ice my arm after I pitch. What is your opinion on this? Frozen Ropes Rocks!

Should I play Junior high school year to be able to play in College?

Sunday, June 06, 2010 by Jake Jones

Hi i am finishing up my junior year in highschool and i didnt make my varsity team this year. My ultimake dream os to play college baseball. But i was told that if u dont play junior year then dont count on playing college baseball, is this true? Also, should i try out next year?

Do you think I should tryout next year for varsity?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 by Jacob S

I am 16 i played for frozen ropes 16u last year over the summer and did well then i got cut from my jv team becasue of me not being comfertiable in the gym we were playing in (basketball gym) and also the coach had for the most part picked his team from the first day and i didnt really get any looks do you think i should tryout next year for varsity and i will be playing with the diamond buddies/fropes team this summer

Drill to keep stride foot from opening?

Friday, May 14, 2010 by Hudson McKinley

Hi im Hudson age 12 and play little league baseball as a catcher and get lessons at Frozen ropes( btw is awsome!!!)When i take my stride before my swing my foot opens up and a chain reaction happens with my shoulder opening and my head flying up. Are there any drills or thoughts on how i can fix this?


Thursday, March 18, 2010 by Samuel

im 14 years old and am now going into my 3rd year of baseball...when i hit the ball if it is in the batters box it is a ground ball but when it is out of the batters box and i hit it, it is a really good hit is there a way that i could fix my swing...me and my friend we goto batting cages all the time and we practice are swinging and throwing techniques all the time...my coach says it is cause i only swing half way through with both hands lik i let go wit the other hand about half way through...he says to lock my fingers together on the bat but it messes up my swing cause it is not comfortable

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