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Mario Noriega


Mario Noriega
Training Center: Union, NJ
Office: 60 Milltown Road
Union, NJ 07083
United States
Phone: 908-686-9060

Mario Noriega is a baseball instructor on the Frozen Ropes of Union staff. He will leverage his high school and college playing experience along with his travel baseball coaching experience to teach hitting, fielding and all around skills to athletes of all ages.

Mario grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended South Pasadena High School where he had a stellar baseball career. Mario was named to the All Rio league team three times and was his team captain and team MVP during his junior and senior seasons. During his final two seasons, Mario was also named to the All Area and All California Southern District teams. He received several awards during his high school career including the SPHS Pat Murphy Baseball Scholarship Award and the SPHS Life Pass Award.

Mario continued his playing career while attending St. Joseph's College in New York where he played infield and designated hitter during his four year college career and served as the team captain during his final two seasons. While at St. Joseph's College, Mario made the AD31 All-Independent Team as the Designated Hitter.

Mario began his coaching career in California where he trained players of all ages and skill levels. Mario will leverage his playing and training experience and great passion for the game to teach baseball and softball players of all ages.

In addition to teaching baseball and softball to young athletes, Mario also served time helping others in the community. Mario has worked with Wounded Warriors to help veterans maximize rehabilitation with the care they need that allows them to live with cognitive, emotional, and or physical impairments. He worked to help veterans overcome impairments and build meaningful relationships with family and friends and assist pursuing life goals. Mario also spends time in his role as a firefighter in Summit.