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Frozen Ropes Baseball Tip of the Week (Scroll Down)

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Kid's Night Out (KNO), Saturday, February 20th!  Parents, take the night off and drop the kids off at Frozen Ropes for Pizza, Baseball & Games. Ages 6-12.  This event runs from 5:30 - 9 PM, $25.00 for one person and $15.00 for each sibling.  We also have KNO available one Saturday each & every month  Call 858-485-9399 to reserve your spot!

Frozen Ropes Baseball Tip of the Week:

(Coach Brian)

"Knee Drill" (Pitching)

Set up: Glove, Ball, Grassy or Turf Area and a Target or Catcher to throw to.

The Knee Drill helps the extension of your arm and follow through on the delivery of the pitch.

Part 1: Your front foot will be set up forward and the front foot toes will be pointing at your target.  Make sure your shoulders are in the same line as your front foot.  The throwing arm is even with ths shoulder line and the ball and your hand are pointing away from the target.

                                                            (Side View)                                             

Part 2: As you proceed through the throw it should be smooth with an exagerated finish towards the target.  Your shoulder will rotate through the throwing motion and be square to the target and then slightly tilted at a 45 degree angle as your reach out to the target.

   2.       2.
                           (Side View)                                              (Front View)

Part 3: Fnish the throwing motion with your chest over the knee and keep your balance. 

   3.       3.
                          (Side View)                                              (Front View)

                                                             (Back View)                                          

This is a drill that should improve your pitching.  Make sure you stay balanced and in control during this drill.  If you are falling off to one side it is a clear indication that you are "not" finishing towards the target.  This will cause the the baseball to "not" end up where you want it to be.  Keep balanced and have fun with this drill!






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