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Introducing the new

Frozen Ropes Video Coach!

You're watching your son or daughter struggle at-bat after at-bat, but you just don't know what they are doing wrong. You can tell their swing is "off," and they are hitting nothing like they do at practice or at Frozen Ropes, but identifying what they are doing (and how to fix it) eludes you. Frozen Ropes wants to help. Unfortunately, we can't make our way to every field this spring, however, Frozen Ropes invites you to send a short video clip of your child during a live game and receive an evaluation from our professional team of instructors. Please see our website for more details.

Program features:

  • Offered to baseball or softball players ages 9+
  • Maximum video size is 50MB
  • Video should be taken horizontally
  • Side view is best for evaluating hitters and pitchers

Video Coach is FREE for all Frozen Ropes clients
through September 30, 2016 with a limit of 1 video per player.

(Normally $25 per video and includes a free 30 minute tunnel rental.)

During checkout use discount code:

After purchase you will receive an email receipt with instructions on how to submit your video. Then within 3 days (often sooner) our professional team of instructors will respond with a written analysis, graphical annotations and comparison to professional baseball or softball players.