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Katy Staff

All of our instructors arrived at Frozen Ropes with two shared traits; outstanding communication skills and a burning passion for baseball and softball. Not only have they all played or coached at higher levels, but they have the desire to teach and present the best training curriculum in the baseball and softball industry. More relevant than their playing backgrounds, the training and orientation period since arriving at Frozen Ropes has been significant.

Starting with our nationally acclaimed instructional curriculum and hours of video review, our instructor training starts in the classroom and finishes in the hitting tunnels and pitching mounds. Training topics include human anatomy, kinesiology, vision training, sports psychology and of course, the latest training techniques and drills in baseball and softball. After the classroom work, our instructors observe and participate in hours of mock lessons before working with your child.

Monthly staff meetings present new drills, individual case studies and a video review of past lessons. The end result; a comprehensive training program presented by top-notch instructors. The Frozen Ropes instructional model has received worldwide acclaim, and our cutting edge training techniques continue to change the teaching methods in both baseball and softball.

Connor, Christy

Katy, TX

Marks, Katie

Softball Instructor
Katy, TX

McBride, Jed

Baseball Director
Katy, TX

McBride, Michelle

Senior Softball Instructor
Katy, TX