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Foreign Exchange Students Visit Frozen Ropes

August 5, 2011
Publication Date: August 5, 2011
Training Center: Chester, NY

Baseball is often considered America's favorite pastime. So when a group of Spanish foreign exchange students visited the Frozen Ropes National Training Center in Chester on July 15th, it seemed only logical that they be taught the game of baseball. Host families and their students were divided into 2 teams and Frozen Ropes instructor, Ana Austin, explained the all rules. After a few innings of practice, the competition was on and friendly taunts were flying in both English and Spanish. Though the rules were new, the students from Spain held their own and at times out-played their American counterparts.

"It was a very fun evening" says Austin. "As instructors, we spend a lot of our time focused on the finer points of the game, like hitting or throwing. To teach the game of baseball from the very basics, such as 3 outs, balls and strikes, and running the bases, was very refreshing. To share the joy of baseball with those who have never experienced it was very rewarding."

The fun-filled evening was brought to a close with an España vs. USA Home Run Derby. The first round went to Spain, with America taking the second round. It was agreed that the Home Run Derby would end in a tie and all participants shook hands and congratulated each other on a good game. With clay clinging to their shoes, sweat rolling down their necks, and smiles on their faces, it appears our visitors from Spain were truly able to experience the joys of American baseball.