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YNN News: Baseball Facility a Big Hit

May 13, 2011
Publication Date: May 13, 2011
Training Center: Chester, NY

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CHESTER, N.Y. -- It isn't exactly the crack of the bat, but kids taking some cuts and catching pop-ups. Those are sure signs that baseball season is back!

"Really every age and skill level at some point, if they enjoy baseball and softball, will come visit us," said Frozen Ropes founder Tony Abbatine.

Abbatine has been teaching local ball players the game of baseball for the last 20 years, but only recently at this new $5 million indoor-outdoor baseball training complex in Chester.

"Because of the size of the complex and the turf fields, we're drawing from three different states. So what was initially an Orange County based business has become a tri-state phenomenon," said Abbatine.

Just recently, Frozen Ropes received national recognition for its innovative conversion to a sports facility, from what once was a shale mining operation. The Interstate Mining Compact Commission named the baseball company the winner of its 2011 non-coal category reclamation project.

"This use to be a major eye-sore for our community. Nobody would've pictured this driving by for decades and seeing this as a shale mining operation to turn it into such a wonderful gem. This is really an attraction, not only for Chester, but for the whole region," said Town of Chester Supervisor Steve Neuhaus.

Some might say it has become the county's very own field of dreams.

"The best thing is when a new person comes, a new visitor, seeing the faces of the children when they walk in here for the first time as if they came to Yankee Stadium and we can do that right here in Orange County," said Abbatine.