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The Frozen Ropes National Training Center opens in New York & Holds Annual Owners Meeting

October 27, 2010
Publication Date: October 27, 2010
Training Center: Corporate Office

September 2010

After years of planning and anticipation, the state of the art Frozen Ropes National Training Center opened its doors and hosted the annual Frozen Ropes franchise owners meetings in September 2010.

The 11-acre, four field park, with a Field House and Fitness Trail overlooking the complex, drew raves from the thousands of players and families that visited in the first month of operations.

The National Training Center will host all Frozen Ropes staff certification training programs and national college showcases for high school level players.

"To offer our franchises and amateur players from across the country the opportunity to train and play in a world class facility is most gratifying," said Tony Abbatine, the National Director of Frozen Ropes.