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Summer 2015

Softball Pitching

View our Softball pitching leverage points!

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E-mail us
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Baseball Academy League

Ages 5-6

Ages 7-9

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Description of Classes 

Rookie Class (Ages 5-6, Co-ed): A skills class for the younger players focusing on the "Big Four": hitting, throwing, fielding and catching.

Minor League Class (Ages 7-9): An instructional class with game situations designed to improve your athlete's hitting, throwing and fielding skills. 

Hitting Boot Camp (Ages 7-12, 13-17): Specialized hitting instruction in a group setting. Included in class is live batting practice and a strength station.

Baseball Pitching Boot Camp (Ages 7-12, 13-17): For the baseball pitcher that has been introduced to pitching before and is ready for another challenge.

Velocity Throwing Class (Ages 13-17): The ultimate class to improve throwing and arm speed for every position. From increasing range of motion to grips and footwork - our velocity class addresses the biggest problems with many players.

Protect the Plate (Ages 7-12, 13-17): The ultimate class to improve a catcher's overall defensive skills - from blocking balls to calling a game.

Field of Dreams (Ages 7-12, 13-17): Fielding with an extreme emphasis on infield and outfield play along with In-Game throwing skills.

Softball Scope and Rope Hitting (Ages 7-12): The perfect hitting class designed for first and second level softball players.

Softball Gold Level Hitting (Ages 13-17): Class is designed to emphasize on improving power and hitting to all fields with an understanding of the strike zone and situational hitting. 

Travel Team Hit Squad (Ages 8-12): Class emphasizes on improving your hitting with instruction, innovative drills and Live Batting Practice. 


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