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Tony Abbatine

Founder and International Director

Tony Abbatine
Training Center: Corporate Office
Office: 24 Old Black Meadow Rd.
Chester, NY 10918
United States
Phone: 845-469-7331

Learn More About Our Founder at www.TonyAbbatine.com

As the catalyst behind the Frozen Ropes teaching model, Tony is responsible for the training program and instructional model used at all Frozen Ropes locations. Tony is the author of numerous articles on player development and his work in the baseball industry has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, ESPN, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Baseball America and various television media. He is considered one of the leading  experts in the baseball and softball world that can integrate the  physical, mental and  visual skills needed to perform at a higher level.  Tony is one of only a few coaches who has instructed around the world at both the amateur and professional levels of baseball and softball.

The Frozen Ropes Brain Day workshops for athletes of all ages has become the standard in which mental skills training is taught today around the country. As the pioneer in teaching Visual Mechanics to amateur and professional hitters and teams, Abbatine's research in the field of vision training and its application to hitting is unparallel.

As a consultant to their player development department, Tony has been hired by several major league baseball organizations, most recently, New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox, the Colorado Rockies, and the New York Mets. During these assignments, Tony has presented the Frozen Ropes Visual Mechanics and Showtime (mental skills) training models to the coaching staff and players, both in Spring Training and during the season. Since 1990, numerous major league players have refined their skills in the off-season under Tony's watchful eye.  Recent vision training workshops have been conducted at NCAA Division 1 Softball powerhouses U of Florida and  Hofstra University.

Tony has appeared as a guest analyst for TBS sports during the American League Divisional Series and on ESPN Radio sharing his insight on player development at the major league level.  All-stars Mariano Rivera, Manny Ramirez and Mike Bordick joined forces with Tony and Frozen Ropes to produce a series of Instructional baseball videos for players and coaches that are being watched around the world. Team USA Olympian Jessica Mendoza and Frozen Ropes partnered prior to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing to produce what many in the softball industry have said is the best hitting video made for Fastpitch hitters. A regular on the national and international speaking circuit, Tony's dynamic presentation skills and diversity of topics have allowed him to present at numerous State coaches associations as well as the American Baseball Coaches National Convention three times over the last five years. On the international scene, Tony has provided coaching instruction to elite level Italian, French, German and Japanese teams, both in the United States and abroad.  Frozen Ropes'  "Power of Me" training camps in Dubai and Kuwait received international praise from coaches and players worldwide.

In 2014, Tony spent weeks training the USA Softball Women's National team in pitch recognition and vision training as they prepared for their upcoming international competition at the ISF XIV World Championship in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Tony with his most famous
pitching student.
   German National Baseball Team bench coach,
Tony Abbatine.