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Travel Teams

10U - Lady Outlaws
Manager - Erica Roberts

12U - Lady Outlaws
Manager - Mathew Marquis
Coach - Bill Farrell

14U - Lady Outlaws Black
Manager - Bill Farrell
Coach - Matthew Marquis

14U - Lady Outlaws Green
Manager - Brendan Roberts

18U - Lady Outlaws
Manager - Jimmer Kisselburgh
Coach - Cheriel Rice

To request a tryout for one of our Softball Travel Teams, please e-mail FRCoachErica@gmail.com

Frozen Ropes Outlaws

18U - Frozen Ropes Outlaws
Manager  - Eric Joyce
Coach - Mark Evans

17U - Frozen Ropes Outlaws

16U - Frozen Ropes Outlaws
Manager - Quentin Jensen

15U - Frozen Ropes Outlaws

13U - Frozen Ropes Outlaws
Manager - Ricky Umholtz

To request a tryout for one of our Baseball Travel Teams, please e-mail quentin.jensen@frozenropes.com